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Vocabulary courses - Legal English 500

Vocabulary courses - Legal English 500

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Who is the course for?

Lawyers, legal support staff, and law students.

What does the course teach?

The focus is on the key vocabulary of commercial law, and includes well over 500 essential terms. The course also includes some work in other fields of law, such as criminal law and constitutional law.

How long will the course take?

Approximately 15 hours.


    1. Sources of Law
    2. Rights & Obligations
    3. Legal Standards
    4. Interpreting the Law
    5. Applicability
    6. Permitted & Prohibited
    7. Limits
    8. Acts & Omissions
    9. The Parties
    10. Evidence
    11. Advising the Client
    12. The Deal
    13. The Claim
    14. Legal Procedure
    15. Pleading the Case
    16. Decisions
    17. Enforcing the Law
    18. Time and the Law
    19. Money and the Law
    20. Final Examination
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