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Vocabulary courses - Intellectual Property Law

Vocabulary courses - Intellectual Property Law

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Who is the course for?

Lawyers and legal support staff who regularly work in the area of intellectual property law. The course would also be suitable for students writing an extended essay, dissertation, or thesis on the topic of intellectual property law.

What does the course teach?

The course includes work in the area of trade mark law, copyright law, patent law, design law, e-commerce, domain name disputes, geographical indications, parallel imports, drafting IP agreements, IP due diligence and the law of the Internet.

How long will the course take?

Approximately 10-12 hours


  1. Trade Mark Law 1
  2. Trade Mark Law 2
  3. Dilution & Well-known Trade Marks
  4. Domain Name Disputes and Cybersquatting
  5. Copyright Law 1
  6. Copyright Law 2
  7. Patent Law 1
  8. Patent Law 2
  9. Intellectual Property Agreements
  10. Design Law
  11. IP/IT Related Issues in the Internet Age
  12. Competition Law
  13. E-commerce
  14. Geographical Indications and Parallel Imports
  15. IP Due Diligence
  16. Final Examination
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