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Vocabulary courses - Company law

Vocabulary courses - Company law

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Who is the course for?

Lawyers and legal support staff who regularly work in the area of company law. The course would also be suitable for students writing an extended essay, dissertation, or thesis on the topic of company law.

What does the course teach?

The course introduces the essential Legal English terminology of companies, partnerships, and other business organizations. The vocabulary covered includes company formation, corporate powers, capitalization, corporate governance, M&A, and the winding-up of a company.

How long will the course take?

Approximately 25 hours.


  1. Introduction to Company Law
  2. Companies Limited by Shares 1
  3. Companies Limited by Shares 2
  4. Partnerships and LLCs
  5. Joint Ventures and Sole Proprietorships
  6. The Process of Incorporation 1
  7. The Process of Incorporation 2
  8. Officers & Directors: Office & Duties
  9. Officers & Directors: Authority & Conflicts
  10. Insider Dealing
  11. Shareholders: Membership & Meetings
  12. Shareholders: Liability & Shares
  13. Shareholder Agreements
  14. Mergers & Acquisitions 1
  15. Mergers & Acquisitions 2
  16. Debt Finance: Loans
  17. Debt Finance: Security & Debt Capital Markets
  18. Equity Finance
  19. Corporate Insolvency
  20. Final Examination
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