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International Legal English LIVE online course

International Legal English LIVE online course

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Our LIVE online courses use the two digital coursebooks to provide not only extensive Legal English training in listening, reading, vocabulary, but also extensive speaking, writing, and more in-depth grammar tasks.

The LIVE online courses are taught through video conferencing by TransLegal’s highly experienced lawyer-linguist instructors.

The course is a 25-hour course comprised of 10 units (each unit takes 2.5 hours to complete).

Your instructor will focus on your strengths and weaknesses and on exactly those areas in which the class needs further practice so you can be confident you are using your valuable study time as efficiently as possible.

You will receive a course certificate upon completion of the course.


 We offer two types of LIVE online courses, public or private groups. 

  • Public groups with 6-7 participants. You purchase a place in the group and we match you to 5 or 6 other participants who are at roughly the same starting level.

  • Private groups for firms and organisations that can choose 1-10 participants for the class.


The International Legal English LIVE Online course is comprised of 10 units designed to improve your legal English vocabulary in different fields of law.  

Unit 1: A career in law
Unit 2: Contract law
Unit 3: Tort law
Unit 4: Criminal law
Unit 5: Company law
Unit 6: Commercial law
Unit 7: Real property law
Unit 8: Litigation and arbitration
Unit 9:  International law
Unit 10: Comparative law


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