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International Legal English

International Legal English

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Who is the digital coursebook for?

International Legal English is suitable for

  • learners from B2+ level through to C2
  • law students
  • experienced legal professionals
  • lawyers with little experience of using English in legal contexts
  • legal support staff
  • business professionals who work with lawyers or on legal matters.

What does the digital coursebook teach?

International Legal English provides the basic language skills you need, from writing and reading to speaking and listening.

The digital coursebook introduces the essential vocabulary of Legal English and includes exercises on key areas of grammar.

Authentic materials form the basis of the course. The fields of law covered include commercial law, criminal law, negligence, comparative law, public and private international law, intellectual property law, and human rights.

How is the digital coursebook organized?

The complete package is built around TransLegal’s powerful Learning Management System, which in turn can be incorporated into your institution’s own LMS.

The package comprises the following key components:

  • a 12-unit digital coursebook
  • an extensive library of handouts for self-study and class use
  • communicative case studies for training skills in authentic contexts
  • communicative speaking and writing tasks
  • over 350 self-study exercises with automated feedback
  • regular updates with additional material
  • free access to the teacher’s book including extensive further material
  • teacher support via training webinars
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